Bollywood Dance Aerobics is different from Bollywood Dance in that it is like Zumba but with Indian music.  So instead of practicing a Bollywood dance routine we exercise to a high-low intensity dance aerobics routines for 40-45min. non-stop while stretching and doing strengthening exercises as well as breathing exercises learned straight from India!   I target areas such as shoulders, upper/lower abs, lower back, calves and glutes.  Well that's the gist of it, i hope to see you in one of my classes! Check out the videos at "Videos and Pictures."  

AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Benefits of Taking This Bollywood Dance Aerobics Class:

Enjoyable group exercise to get or stay fit.  Dancing is a workout!

  • aerobic exercise increases the oxygen in your body and improves muscle resistance over time
  • burn off unnecessary calories and tone specific muscle groups like the abs, shoulders, glutes and calves.

          Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

          Relieves stress

          Workout to exotic and exciting music

     Stretching important muscles like your legs allows more oxygen to travel to the blood vessels in your back and prevents lower backache

     Non-traditional breathing exercise targets areas such as abs and gets rids of the toxins in our bodies efficiently even more so than just taking deep breathes

See you on the dance floor!

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