Bollywood dance is a form of Indian dance that you see in the Bollywood films. This form of dance has been around since Bollywood films came out- for decades!  You may see several kinds of Indian dancing in a Bollywood movie such as  classical (kathak and bharatnatyam), bhangara (Punjabi folk dance), dandiya raas (Gugrati folk dance using sticks) and of course filmy, which I would say is a combination of classical Indian steps with folk, Latin, funk, hip-hop styles fused into this Indian style Broadway dancing!   You will be exposed to almost all of the above dance forms one way or the other.  You will find yourself dancing to a fusion of different movements from various styles of dance (which is commonly seen in Bollywood dancing and in Bollywood films).  Depending on what song we’re doing you may also find yourself doing a little bit of jazz and modern dancing as well!  Some movements are sharp and fast-paced moves while others are graceful and soft.  Pay close attention because the exhilarating moves can quickly change to some slow moves and vica versa.  Some dances may require rapid transitions while others may not.  For those of you that have never danced I will definitely give you some modified movements that will still look good with the rest of the routine, so don’t fret.   Whatever the pace may be make sure you bring lots of energy with you!   I’m excited about bringing Bollywood dancing to the Upper Palmetto!  I look forward to seeing you in my class so we can dance… Bollywood style!

The Benefits of Taking a Bollywood Dance Class:

        Learn a form of expressive dance and develop a new skill

        Builds confidence

        Dance to exotic and exciting music

        Feel a sense of accomplishment

        Work on coordination, balance, agility and rhythm

     Fun way to exercise

     Meet new people

    And of course have FUN!!!
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